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Members & Partners

All groups and organizations that are committed to food security and support the mission and vision of FRB are welcome to apply for partnership. Partners can include growing projects, businesses, overseas partners and communities, and implementing organizations.

Implementing Organizations (“IO”) are partners of FRB that work with and through local partners overseas to carry out overseas programming activities.  IOs are defined as organizations or partnerships of organizations working in developing countries to address food insecurity through support of local organizations and community groups that assist people in growing their own food.

Partner Organizations:  Partnership in FRB is open to all groups and organizations that are committed to food security, share FRB’s values, support the mission and purpose of FRB, and are willing to perform the strategic work of FRB. That work includes building a vibrant and transformative network; providing programmatic guidance and best practices around food security; funding FRB’s work and assisting with fund raising activities; and ensuring an effective Board of Directors.  All of FRB's growing projects are partner organizations.

Interested in becoming a partner of FRB?  Contact Ron De Weerd to discuss.