U.S. Projects

Across the U.S. communities of people are getting together to do something about hunger. FRB calls these groups "growing projects" and they work together to raise money to support communities overseas working to end hunger. Visit Flickr to see photos from FRB's growing projects and our blog to read our growing project stories

The map is color coded by staff member. To view the legend, click on the legend icon in the upper left hand corner of the map. To reach a staff member, please visit our contact page.

  • A growing project (GP) is a group whose members work together to share resources while raising money for FRB. 
  • Each member plays a unique role and contributes to the GP in different ways by offering what they have.
  • GPs are the heart and soul of FRB and have supported over 100,000 families since the first GPs were created in 1999.

How to start a Growing Project…

  1. Gather a group of civically minded people of any age, occupation, or skill set.
  2. Look at the assets you have. This could be land, money, skills, machinery, seeds, livestock, creativity, or elbow grease.
  3. Create a project with the assets. This could be ANYTHING! A pumpkin patch, a Sunday school garden, field crops or a pie auction.
  4. Decide which overseas program your GP wants to support.
  5. Send the money to FRB.
  6. Celebrate!

If you are thinking about starting a GP or would like more information please contact us at (888) 276-4372.