Update on Ebola in West Africa

Update on Ebola in West Africa

Several countries in West African have been fighting an Ebola outbreak for the past several months and the disease continues to spread.  There are now 6 countries in the region where the disease has been found – Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Senegal.  

One of the countries hardest hit is Sierra Leone where we have two FRB programs – Sierra Leone West through World Hope International (WHI) and Sierra Leone Koinadugu through Catholic Relief Services (CRS).   I have been in contact with each of these programs and wanted to share the latest update. 

Everyone in Sierra Leone, whether Ebola is in their area or not, is currently facing heavy travel restrictions and higher prices for food and basic necessities.  The disease has made it difficult for everyone to perform their daily duties, stay in contact with family members in other regions of the country, and provide for their families.  Both of the programs that we work with are continuing to work on their work plans, as they are able.

Sierra Leone West – has 44 confirmed cases of Ebola amongst the people that the program works with, but none among the staff, or their immediate families.

Sierra Leone Koinadugu – is the only district in Sierra Leone with no reported cases of Ebola.

To learn more, here is a map of the spread of Ebola through Sierra Leone as well as an update on the spread of the disease.  The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has released both of these.  

Please keep the people of this region in your thoughts and prayers as they struggle to find a way to cope with and combat this disease.

By Eric Mattson, FRB Staff

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