Seeds of Faith raising money for needy people worldwide

Seeds of Faith raising money for needy people worldwide

It's a cause that befits its name, Seeds of Faith, as seeds are literally planted through faith so that others less fortunate may reap the benefits throughout the world. The brainchild of Lowell and Cindy Baker of the Congregational UCC Church in Shenandoah 11 years ago, Seeds of Faith has now raised over $200,000 for impoverished people in 3rd-World countries.

Lowell first heard about the Foods Resource Bank in 2004 and thought it would be a great missions project for his church, as he and his wife, Cindy had the land and were willing to use a portion of it for the project. Now it's grown to not just the Congregational UCC Church, but the Presbyterian, Methodist and Christian churches in Shenandoah that are involved every year.

Lowell says members of the churches harvest the grain, then sell it, with 100% of the proceeds ultimately going to the project chosen through the Foods Resource Bank. Some of those many projects include aiding in cattle operations, irrigation units, tree projects, gardening and other food production projects, amongst many others.

This year 20 acres of corn are being raised and Lowell looks forward to harvesting it soon. Good neighbors from all over the area help in the raising and harvesting of the crops. Last year soybeans on the Baker's Seeds of Faith land raised 180 to 200 bushels per acre with all the proceeds going to needy people around the globe.

For more information, go to or speak with Lowell through the Congregational UCC Church in Shenandoah. 

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