Prayer Request from Honduras-Nueva Frontera Program

Prayer Request from Honduras-Nueva Frontera Program

Dear Friends, 
Below is a prayer request for our partner staff with Honduras-Nueva Frontera program.  Many have met Delmis during travels with FRB. She recently notified us that violence has suddenly erupted in Nueva Frontera. 

Due to food scarcity and lack of employment people are becoming desperate and crime had been steadily rising.  Organized criminal groups are now vying for control of the area and robberies are becoming quite common.  Over the last week there have been five murders (two of these people were decapitated and left in the street as a warning to others) in the small town of Nueva Frontera and a prolonged shoot out between one gang and the police.

On the phone Delmis said the team feels like they "are in a minefield.  It is just a matter of time until we are at the wrong place and wrong moment".  

Alex Morse, FRB staff, will be traveling to Honduras this week with a group. He changed the schedule and will be visiting other parts of the country and helping their staff escape the stress for a little bit by having them travel with them. They are also fortunate to have Ricardo from Sembrandopaz traveling with us, who is quite experienced in working in violent situations and also with conflict and trauma.  We hope there will be a rich dialog between him and the local staff.

They will also be discussing ways in which the program in Nueva Frontera may need to be adjusted this year.

Please keep the staff of the Honduras-Nueva Frontera program in your thoughts and prayers, and ask for wisdom for them and our group on thier travels.

Thank you!

FRB Staff 

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