Learning Meetings Inspire Greater Care for Neighbors in Uganda

Learning Meetings Inspire Greater Care for Neighbors in Uganda

Recently, a guest participant at a learning meeting FRB hosted in June 2013 in Uganda shared the following with FRB staff: 

"Our church has a ministry for women living with HIV AIDS in which we helped decrease stigma and help them openly declare their status. This has encouraged other people in the community to go for testing and counseling, starting retroviral drugs and living in positive lifestyles for their own safety. 

They now participate in groups with other women in our church who want to extend their Christian love to them and we provide pastoral counseling and care in addition to agricultural activities.

As a result the women were able to plant rice, cabbages and tomatoes to improve on their diet and health. The church provides seeds as well as chickens for both nutrition and income from the sale of eggs. 

The FRB learning meeting inspired me to boost our care for this group by inviting the entire community to grow crops that will help homes improve their food security and livelihoods.

I am meeting with the 26 pastor in my Diocese to come up with a comprehensive work plan for this which will help the community be able to send their children to school and our 326 pupil orphanage to be more self-sustaining.  

Please pray for us to have these insights and plans concretized for the good of our people and the glory of God.” 

About FRB's Learning Meetings: Several years ago FRB began deliberately encouraging learning within our overseas programs by inviting overseas program staff and participants to take part in exchange visits. With the support of the John Deere Foundation and private donors, FRB is able to foster this kind of learning among our program participants by bringing people together who are striving for food security in their communities. Exchange visits now take place, for example, between and among:


  • The farmers from a program’s various Farmer Fields Schools within a single county or region 
  • FRB’s member and partner staff from different areas or programs within the same country 
  • Program representatives from different countries on the same continent 
  • Participants from programs on distant continents 
  • Any combination of FRB/member program and local partner staff and farmers who are working on solving the same issues around growing lasting solutions to hunger.
If you’d like to support FRB's learning meetings, please send donations to Foods Resource Bank, PO Box 66055, Chicago, IL 60666-0055, marked “Learning & Sharing Together Fund." 
Call 888-276-4FRB or email Laurie@foodsresourcebank.org for more information.


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