Conservation Agriculture Webinar Available!

Conservation Agriculture Webinar Available!

What is conservation agriculture (CA)? How does it work? 

The UN's Food and Agricultural Organization describes conversation agriculture as: a concept for resource-saving agricultural crop production that strives to achieve acceptable profits together with high and sustained production levels while concurrently conserving the environment.

In the recorded webinar, MCC staff based in Southern and Eastern Africa sharehow they train small-holder farmers on specific types of conservation agriculture to address the roots of food insecurity. Their presentation encompasses the history of CA, guiding principles and, the impacts they have seen from CA and lessons learned in the field.

Webinar Presenters: 

Putso Nyathi is an MCC Conservation Agriculture Technical Officer serving conservation agriculture projects funded by the Canadian Food Grains Bank for MCC in Southern Africa. She has more than 10 years of experience working with smallholder farmers in various capacities with both research and development organizations. 

Neil Rowe Miller serves as MCC Conservation Agriculture Technical Officer in Eastern Africa. His career spans 32 years working with small-scale farmers in the developing world as well as commercial grain farmers in the U.S. He spent 10 years as Executive Director of World Hunger Relief, Inc., a non-profit agriculture training farm in central Texas.

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