Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is the official international relief and development agency of the U.S. Catholic church. The agency works to alleviate human suffering, promote the development of all people, and foster solidarity and justice throughout the world. Without regard to race, creed or nationality, CRS serves the poor in 99 countries through emergency relief and developmental programs in agriculture, health, HIV, education, microfinance and peace building. CRS is a member of the Foods Resource Bank.

The agency was established as “War Relief Services” in 1943 by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to aid refugees displaced by war. In 1955, the agency became known as “Catholic Relief Services”. Today, CRS has 4,000 staff overseas and 400 at Baltimore headquarters.

CRS has an A+ rating from The American Institute of Philanthropy, and it is ranked 29th in Non-Profit Times Top 100. Its operating revenue in FY 2005 was over $690 million, with less than 6% spent on supporting services such as fundraising and marketing