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Funding Still Needed: $42,313

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Argentina Bolivia Gran Chaco

Argentina Bolivia Gran Chaco

The Argentina Bolivia - Gran Chaco program is uniquely structured to work in two different remote areas of the Chaco with two different partners, based in two different countries.  This is done to increase the visibility of the work being done in these often ignored regions and to create more opportunities for mutual learning between the two partners.  Due to differences in the political context in each country the approaches are necessarily different.

In the Argentina region of the Chaco the local partner is working to demonstrate to the national and local governments that rain water harvesting systems, climate smart agricultural techniques, and training in animal husbandry is a sustainable and viable approach to increasing food security and economic development for indigenous and criollo families living in the Chaco.  The idea is that this component of the program will be used to demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach and then base further advocacy with the national government to bring in future funding for this type of development work.  The local partner is uniquely positioned to do this as their former director is now in the office of Social Welfare under the country's new president.

In Bolivia, the approach will be continuing the work of the local partner CERDET.  In the previous phase, CERDET worked with communities to create community development plans.  In this phase they will work to further strengthen the leadership skills of indigenous women and youth through training.  33 different communities in the program area will then be invited to submit proposals for small scale income-generation or agricultural projects (average grant of less than $850). 

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