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Honduras Comayagua
Proyecto Aldea Global (PAG)

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Honduras Comayagua

The Honduras Comayagua program supports marginalized families living near the Cerro Azul Meambar National Park by providing them with training on improved animal management practices, nutrition, and marketing practices.  Families are selected based on their poverty, access to a small amount of land to implement the animal project on, and interest.  The entire family will then be involved in training.  After training families receive livestock and are then responsible for passing on the gift (offspring) at the end of their year.  Animal management will be focused on the breeding of chickens, pigs, tilapia, and in some cases bees.  With the exception of the bees, these are all used as important protein sources for the family and also provide some opportunities for generating income (both food availability and access).  With the bees there is a well established local market for honey that PAG (the local partner) has experience with.

The nutrition training will be focused on incorporating families with children under the age of 2 into PAG's community health network.  And families with children under the age of five will receive nutrition training.  Marketing will be focused on creating a community based small animal producers association that will do cooperative marketing of products.  These will be community led and managed

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