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Kenya Magarini
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Kenya Magarini

Building on previous work in a neighboring area through the FRB funded the former Kenya-Ganze Jaribuni Program, a similar program is being implemented with new communities in the Magarini area.  

The goal of this program is to improve food security and sanitation for households in ten flood prone communities of Magarini Sub county (coastal Kenya).  This will be accomplished by:

  • Assisting the communities to analyze their own development priorities and risks from flooding and develop and implement their own action plans to address those needs.
  • Establishing Farmer Field Schools where farmers will learn methods for managing and conserving soil, water and forest resources, while also being introduced to more nutritious crops and improved post harvest management methods.
  • Linking communities to Ministry of Agriculture extension services and other supports for small scale irrigation and water resource management.
  • Targeting 30 households who are among the poorest of the poor and providing them with training and resources to begin raising chickens using a basket rearing system.
  • Implementing Community-Led Total Sanitation interventions that will result in improved sanitation and access to potable water.

Images from Kenya Magarini