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Funding Still Needed: $25,000

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Honduras Orocuina & Liure
Social Development Committee (CODESO)

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Honduras Orocuina & Liure

The program focus is an area of unprotected watersheds where animals enter and pollute the waters, people cut trees for fire wood, and families live on one or two meals of tortillas per the day. Both municipalities of Orocuina and Liure are in the arid south of Honduras and are two of areas with highest levels of poverty.

Farmers there have small plots, which are over worked and have low yields as a result of being farmed intensively for many years. Often the farmers are unable to let even parts of their fields be fallow. While this region is typically arid and there has been shift in weather patterns resulting in sustained droughts. When the rains do come, they are torrential and at different times than the usual season, creating flooding in the area. The crops (especially beans, the main source of protein) were severely damaged by the drought conditions. Some farming families lost 100% of their crops. At times like these farmers have to resort to eating their seed crops (beans and corn they saved for the next planting season). The program supports families with improved seeds and storage, protecting watersheds with tree planting, and helping single women headed households with establishment of small food stores and animal husbandry in a pass on the gift model.

Images from Honduras Orocuina & Liure