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Guatemala Nebaj Quetzaltenango
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Guatemala Nebaj Quetzaltenango

Building on work begun in 2005, the Totonicapán program continues in seven Maya-Quiché communities in the dry and highly deforested department of Totonicapán and has expanded to include five Maya-Ixil communities in the municipality of Santa Maria Nebaj, one of the areas affected by Guatemala’s 36 years of civil war. In Nebaj, 85.5 percent of the population is poor and 56.5 percent of the women are illiterate. A nutritional survey of the participating families confirmed the existence of severe chronic and acute malnutrition and various levels of food insecurity. The program focuses on sustained change in an approach that includes food access, crop diversification, sustainable livelihoods, nutritional education, decreased malnutrition levels, soil and water management, reforestation, economic recovery and self-reliance, community organization, women empowerment and civic education. Additionally, the program aims at strengthening local partner organizations so they become more effective agents of change in the communities over the long term.

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