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Colombia Chocó
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Colombia Chocó

According to the 2005 census, 76% of Chocanos in the poorest area of the country do not have their basic needs met. Due to poor nutrition and a precarious health system, the infant mortality rate for babies under 1 year of age is 12%. The arrival of modern technology and changes in people’s world views has led to a different relationship with nature; large scale mining has damaged the environment and left the soil in very poor condition. Many have left food production to grow illicit crops, seduced by hopes of quick money. The illicit crops, in turn, leave many scars for years to come, due to the violence generated around these crops and the severe damage to the environment from the chemicals used. Moreover, since many people in the region are no longer producing food, food products have become much more expensive. The region is importing food products from other regions when they have the capacity to grow all of our own food in the region. It is in this challenging context that this program is making small but steady progress in helping Chocanos bring back the tradition of growing their own food and providing for their own needs with dignity.

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