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Funding Still Needed: $32,187

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Dominican Republic San Juan and Dajabón
Dominican Republic
Servicio Social de Iglesias Dominicanas

Dominican Republic San Juan and Dajabón

The western regions of the Dominican Republic near the border of Haiti have some of the highest levels of poverty and hunger in the entire country.   This new program builds off of lessons learned in the previous Dominican Republic - Bateyes program and expands into new communities and regions of the country.  Dajabón is the north-western most corner, is mountainous and has abundant water, making aquaculture possible, there families will learn to raise tilapia in ponds.  Other families will learn vegetable gardening utilizing existing greenhouses that need repairs.  San Juan is further south and the program will focus there on micro-credit and vegetable gardening.  One unique piece of this program is some training will focus on providing work opportunities for elderly community members, who do to migration, are oftentimes responsible for raising their grandchildren.

Images from Dominican Republic San Juan and Dajabón