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Funding Still Needed: $50,000

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Zimbabwe Mwenezi
Score Against Poverty

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Zimbabwe Mwenezi

This three year project seeks to directly improve the food security of 470 chronically food insecure farmers and an additional 300 spontaneous adopters in four wards of Mwenezi district through conservation agriculture. The project will build on the learning’s of a previous project that

  • Investigated intercropping systems to improve the sustainability and scalability of conservation agriculture (CA),
  • Field tested alternative extension systems which would be more efficient and effective through the use of farmer-managed field trials, and
  • Facilitated a process of knowledge co-creation to stimulate farmer innovation. In addition, this project seeks to continue with field test of the extension model using on-farm trials to increase agro ecological knowledge and stimulate farmer innovation, as well as improving food security and overall resiliency.

Images from Zimbabwe Mwenezi