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India Banka Dumka Jamui
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India Banka Dumka Jamui

Lutheran World Relief (LWR) is implementing their Women and Food Security Project in three districts (Jamui, Banka, and Dumka) in the Bihar and Jharkhand states of India. LWR is partnering with Professional Assistance for Development Action (PRADAN), a national non-governmental organization with significant experience in implementing agriculture and rural livelihoods programs in the geographic area of Bihar and Jharkhand.
The project seeks to address the food and nutrition security needs of small holder families. It will work with women farmers as direct project participants, building their capacity in improved and sustainable agriculture practices, livestock care, and management; diversified farming; access to agriculture extension services and markets; and improved decision making in regard to crop and food choices at household levels to address nutrition needs.
The project will address the nutritional needs of women and children through improved yields of current crops and crop diversification. It will enable women farmers to earn additional income to improve their purchasing power to meet other household needs and to make reinvestments in agriculture as a sustainable livelihood option. The project will increase the target households’ awareness of nutrition, specifically the relevance of diversified diets and its impact on the health of women, children, and infants. Plus, it will improve women’s participation in decision making regarding crop and food choices at household levels.

Project Goal: Small holder farming families will have year-round food security with nutrition sufficiency for women and children in three districts in Bihar and Jharkhand.
1. Women farmers have increased productivity of nutrition-rich crops from technology-based agriculture practices.
2. Women farmers earn income from the sale of surplus produce.
3. Families have enhanced knowledge of age and gender-specific nutritional needs.

To learn more about this program, check out these videos produced by LWR about Mina and the Women and Food Security Project

Images from India Banka Dumka Jamui