June 2012

Ugali Recipe

Ugali, a starchy gruel, is the foundation of the Kenyan diet. This thick cornmeal porridge is usually served with stews, such as sukuma wiki.  


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Mafe Recipe

When I lived in Senegal one of my favorite meals was Mafe cooked by my sister Djibue.  Mafe is a traditional dish that is very similar to a stew made with a base of peanuts and tomatoes.  There are many different versions that vary by the amount of ingredients available and the cooks that are preparing them. 

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What is a Growing Project?


Growing  Project.  I keep hearing that term, but what does it mean? Does growing something mean I have to put a seed in the ground, water and fertilize it so life springs forth?  Since I would consider myself a “city girl,” growing something isn’t at the top of my list of skills and I can definitely attest to having that well-known “brown thumb.”  Upon moving to Michigan, I soon learned that I was in the minority when it came to growing something. Then I began volunteering at Foods Resource Bank and found that term “growing project” just kept popping up everywhere. It was then I decided I needed to know more about what a growing project really was.

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A Report of Travel with FRB on a Youth Scholarship

As part of my internship with Week of Compassion, I was allowed to participate in an international cultural-work trip with one of the partners, Foods Resource Bank during my spring break. The area that the trip focused on was in Nicaragua, more specifically the Carazo region. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and puts the conditions of the country into more perspective.

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